Gary "FATTA ICON "  Dixon was born in St James Montego Bay area in Jamaica. At the age of 4 he and his family moved to Kingston for a time before they then moved to Portmore where he lived for many years. 

But it was while he lived in St Catherines that as a youth he would sneak out of the house to go and hear sound systems like Syndicate , Stonelove and Love child disco, which is where he met Dj Roy who he considered to be his idol. After hearing Dj Roy play his desire and love for music inspired him to become a dj himself.

He was  introduced to Tweety bird who helped him get a chance to play at a night club named "Extreme", he also played at teen jams along side Scratchy B and Johnny cool from zip Fm in Jamaica. 

Gary IMMIGRATED TO USA AND EVENTUALLY LANDED IN ST LOUIS  home of SHYRICK Dancehall Radio  where "Fatta Icon"  promotes up and coming artist who want to show case their talent.  DJ Fatta Icon is the  CEO of  this most wicked USA Radio Station  where every Monday and Friday from 9pm USA Central time to 1230am he keeps listeners on their toes as he plays the most current and trending music in Reggae. Each time Fatta Icon is live on Air, listeners are tuned in from around the globe and his fan base continues to grow everyday.

Shyrick has gained fame and popularity because of its artist, people like Raga-z, A1Ras, Don Minott, Trinkie Starr, Guardian, Jungle man, Dolla coin, Ken Bob, Abiona, Ruach ru, Tony B, Relentless, Vypa, Boom Dawn, Dj Slick 44, Richie law, Nadine Queen, G Money, G Maffiah, I prudence, Ibel, Ringo Roots, Kingly T, Jah Door, Incharge, Good Head, Zally, Drezion, Bucky Ranks, Don G, Stylex, Alovera, Mysta Paqk, Shanti-high, Sheldon Senior, Elijah Dixon, Firestone, King Banton, Shiney Culture, Ed Smooth,  Aaron Silk, King Pappa, I Kaine, Smoke, Togue Ghna, Imar, Navag Jo, and Higher Quality, Geebar, Devano, christopher Irons, Ice-twice, Villa dutch, Ras-Khalee, Tanique Dixon, King Gallon-I, Chrsitopher Irons, Spontaneous, Ras-Manasseh, Full-Ammy, Cornstick, Harmony, and Mag-J.LdI.

Once you listen to Fatta Icon playing, one can easily get hooked up as he always plays the best and most current Artists. If you really want to listen to good music, know who is current, and get the 

best of your radio time; then tune in to Shyrick Radio Station. Some of the Artists on his rotation are Don Minott, Ken Bob, Kingly T, Errol Organs, Elijah Dixon, Izan, Mysta Paqk, Jungleman, Tony D, Ringo Roots, Relentless, Guardian, Trinkie Starr,  Boom Dawn, Ruach, Errol Bonnick, Wild Life, Raga Z, I A Ras , just to mention a few. You might not know many of these Artists, but that goes on to tell you that he is the most current DJ right now and he leaves a room for many to follow……………….

(2013  Shyrick  Artist of the Year  Winner - BOOM DAWN) 

Shyrick dancehall Radio has had some truly talented artist reach number 1, on the top ten chart on the charts in the last year. They have worked by networking to put their music as well as their faces and their musical genuis in the worlds eye. So we would like to take our time to show our 

appreciation and give them a small token of esteem, and let them know that your mission for greatnees has not gone unnoticed, and we wish you continued succcess on your musical journey


Shyrick Group does not promote talent for profit... we do it because we love the music and we see a need for a forum that helps new and unsigned talent get a toe hold in the industry, however our projects cost and we too appreciate any help you care to provide ... our sincerest thank you in advance!